Sales readiness level: legendary

June 16, 2023

I was a 100% commission salesman for almost 15 years. I ran my own business within a business, and as such, hated it when I was told what to do.

I essentially fought the process (any process) that I didn't think served me or my clients.

Fast forward to when I managed an inside sales team and trained an outside sales team. I realized that all the time I spent fighting process created a ton of chaos for others, and as it turns out, for me.

Now I preach process and how frameworks can help seller's sell and businesses grow. Yes, I have come a long way!

Today, I'm excited to announce my new Systematic Selling training course on how to build your Sales Playbook.

I have developed this program specifically designed for accomplished business owners, startup founders, sales leaders, and sales professionals on a leadership trajectory. These individuals possess a natural ability to sell and achieve deals, yet they encounter difficulties when it comes to imparting their success to others.

I fought those processes because I failed to see how they could help me become more efficient, leverage larger opportunities and make more money. My goal now is to ensure I help those I work with connect the dots to see how process can scale their output and help them crush their goals.

So check it out, and if you can use it, great. If you know someone else that it might help please forward this on. I have been greatly impacted by continually investing in learning throughout my career and can't wait to hear stories from others on how this course might help them.

Raise the Bar!

Mike Chudy

Owner of Austin Sales Consulting