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5 star reviews for Austin Sales Consulting

My organization has had the privilege of working with Mike Chudy of Austin Sales Consulting for the past two years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Mike’s deep understanding of sales and business leadership, combined with his innovative approach to revenue growth planning and process mapping, helped us to take our business to the next level. His one-on-one coaching is especially impactful, providing our team with the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

He has not only made a substantial topline impact in our core business but was integral in the launch of our verticalized development company and now our dedicated fund platform. Mike is truly a game-changer for any businesses looking to achieve a model of fast growth - I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their full potential.

Chris Ihler testimonial for Austin Sales Consulting
CEO at EnergyLink
5 star reviews for Austin Sales Consulting

Mike is the ultimate advisor and mentor. Since joining our advisory board our company has doubled our total number of customers. He has been instrumental with his guidance on KPI’s, sales metrics, and measurable and controllable inputs driving revenue. His direct communication pushes us to think differently and step out of our comfort zone.

Jennifer Wright testimonial for Austin Sales Consulting
Founder & CEO, Player2Player
5 star reviews for Austin Sales Consulting

I quickly realized after taking on the CRO role at Rollick that I needed to sharpen my sales management skills to enable my company to efficiently and effectively grow the top line.  Mike and I began working together in early 2022 and he immediately asserted himself as my trusted advisor. He taught me a tangible new way to think about myself and my team’s work style, strengths and weaknesses.

From here, I was able to better align people toward areas where they were more likely to succeed.  I also learned how to more effectively use tools like LinkedIn for prospecting and Salesforce for pipeline tracking and reporting.  All this made me a better CRO, which had direct effect on our business development and sales efforts with Rollick delivering 30% YoY revenue growth in 2022 vs. 2021.

Jordan Nierman testimonial for Austin Sales Consulting
Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer

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