Meet Mike Chudy

A sales expert with a proven track record of helping founders and sales leaders like you grow their business. His passion is to maximize the potential of people, processes and organizations for a greater level of success.

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About Austin Sales Consulting

We know that growing sales while running a business can be overwhelming. As a founder, it can be tough to handle the day-to-day sales operations while trying to maintain your long-term vision and mission. Do you feel stuck, struggling to generate leads, close deals, and align your team? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Check out our resources and contact us if we can help.
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Why should I choose Austin Sales Consulting?
Austin Sales Consulting helps you sell more profitably by aligning teams, improving processes and closing more deals. We offer a proven step-by-step sales process that will not only increase your revenue, but will teach you how to confidently sell your products and services, communicate effectively with your buyers, and provide you with a framework to hand off to your sales team so that your business can SCALE!
How long has Austin Sales Consulting helped clients?
Austin Sales Consulting has provided positive results for businesses since 2019, but Founder Mike Chudy has over two decades of enterprise sales and sales leadership experience.
Who does Austin Sales Consulting serve?
Austin Sales Consulting can accelerate growth for small-to-medium sized, growing businesses in a variety of industries, spanning from tech, software, energy, retail, and more. Also, ASC can work with larger businesses who need greater production from their sales teams.
5 star reviews for Austin Sales Consulting

As a leader at a company, you dream about meeting people like Mike. Sales advice can quickly turn repetitive and into stuff you already know. However Mike is on another level. His engagement; focus; and extensive and granular knowledge of sales let him lead and 180 our sales department into something incredible. He turned our sales into a simple, efficient, and executable process and we’re lucky he took us on as a client.

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The Systematic Selling Approach

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