In Sales, Don't be Speechless

July 20, 2023

I was literally speechless.

I traveled to Florida last week to attend my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary party and as the oldest of four kids I needed to give a speech.

Have you ever had so much to say that coming up with anything at all is hard?

This wasn't just writer's block. Should I tell a story? A joke? Do I make it personal to me or keep the focus on them?

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Tom & Loretta, July 6, 1973

My parents are not perfect individuals, but they were the perfect example for me. How do you stay married for that long? I believe the answer is Faith, Self-sacrifice, Love, Patience and Laughter. They have modeled this for me, for my sister and brothers and the countless people they have encountered in their lives.

Cool story...what about sales?

Be prepared. Know your pitch, know your ideal client and and know their business. Practice how you position yourself, your business and your solution and why the person in front of you should care.

I see most salespeople giving the same "speech" to whomever is in front of them. Don't be lazy! Study who you will be speaking to, what personality they most likely have and how they interpret information and make decisions. What role do they play within their business? How can you create a positive impact to at least get to the next conversation?

Plan a few questions to ask in advance and then keep a conversation moving by asking the one or two that advances an opportunity forward.

So back to the party and my speech: I started with a stat...did you know that only 6% of marriages make it to the 50 year mark! I then captured a few quick laughs, spoke about the impact their marriage has had on mine, and shared my appreciation for the work they put in to reach this Golden Anniversary milestone.

So now it's your turn to be prepared. Think about that next important conversation you have coming up and make sure you don't get caught speechless.

Mike Chudy

Owner of Austin Sales Consulting