How high are you setting the bar?

April 26, 2023

I was a college high jumper. I was good enough to walk-on a Division I team, compete against amazing athletes and earn a scholarship, but I wasn't good enough to hit my own personal goal: clear 7'0 (I came close at 6'10).

Upon graduation I began my sales career in a 100% commission role and loved it. I was able to set my own goals and it was up to me whether I achieved them or not. When my sales were down or I was getting lazy making enough sales calls I thought of my high jump practices where I would tell my coach (with a cocky attitude) "raise the bar!" I love how sports and business intersect in that way.

So I ask it time to raise the bar? Have you set your goals (high enough)? Do you have a coach/manager that challenges you to be your best? Do you have someone holding you accountable? Do you have teammates cheering you on to success? Do you have relationships that comfort you in failures?

My hope is that this newsletter can push you to try some new things, learn from shared experiences and see a greater success for your future. Raise the bar!

Mike Chudy

Owner of Austin Sales Consulting